41 Women of Color Get REAL About Beauty and Diversity

April 2017


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A Letter to the Young Women of 2017

March 2017


A Birth Control Memoir


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Is Botox Feminist?

February 2017


One of the few grooming and beauty items women pay less for

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Science A to Z

October 2016

 NYU Alumni Magazine

Research in 26 scientific disciplines across the NYU campus

The New Mrs. Robinson (Women Who Never Age)

August 2016



November 2015

NYU Alumni Magazine

Global Sweatshops and Fashion

Laverne Is A Woman and I Am A Jew

June 2014
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May 2014

NYU Alumni Magazine

How academic researchers dig into Twitter

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Plenty of Ooh La La

September 2013

Miami Herald Travel Section

Traveling with kids in Paris

The New Gender Economics

March 2012

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